About me

About me

Mahyar Khosravani Tehrani

Full Name: Mahyar Khosravani Tehrani

Date of Birth: 1984/06/04

Education: Master’s degree in Economics, Azad University, Central Branch

Mahyar Khosravani was born in 1984 in Tehran. He was an ordinary student at the school until he became paraplegic due to a rare illness when he was only 10 years old.
Having great passion for the art of cinema, he decided to be filmmaker. Due to lack of suitable educational facilities for students with disabilities, he studied cinema Self-taught. He married when he was 31 years old and he has made 12 short films and won 2 national awards.

Artistic Activities:

  1. 2008, Accepted in the Iranian Disabled Scientific and Artists Creation Association and was appointed as media consultant of the association
  2. 2008, Media consultant and organizer of the closing ceremony of the First Festival of Caricature and Posters on the disabled in Iran.
  3. 2009, Artistic Consultant of the First Festival of Choosing the Best Book on the Disabled
  4. 2009, Recognized as successful disabled by the State Welfare Organization of Iran
  5. 2010, Appointed as executive secretary and head of public relations of the First Short Film Festival for the Disabled in Iran
  6. 2010, Winner of the Best Film Award from One-Minute Iranian Film Festival
  7. 2011, Winner of the Special Film of the Certain Regard Award at Kish International Film Festival
  8. 2011- now , Artistic Media Advisor of the International Industrial Sat’h Dama Company
  9. 2013, Winner of the first round of Four, Three, Two, One, the cinematic professional competition on Iranian National Television
  10. 2012, Recognized as successful disabled by the Municipality of Tehran
  11. 2013, Won the second place in the Finalists’ final of Four, Three, Two, One on Iranian National Television
  12. Membership of the Youth Cinema Association of Iran (the largest academy of film and short-film production of Iran, as an instructor (as the only disabled instructor)
  13. 2013, Recognized as successful disabled by the Municipality of Tehran
  14. 2014 – 2015, Hired as Artistic Consultant of Atieh International Company
  15. Appointed as the consultant and artistic observer of the 2nd Disabled Book Festival
  16. 2014 – 2017, Teaching different film making courses at various branches of the Association in different cities of Iran
  17. 2015, Member of review jury of the Disabled Theater Festival (as the only disabled jury member)
  18. 2015, Appointed as consultant of Documentary Channel on Iranian National Television
  19. 2015, Designed and implemented specialized film-making training for the blind, for the first time in the Middle East

All film making and Award Winning Activities:

Producing, directing, and writing 11 fiction and documentary movies:

  1. 2008, Award (fiction film)
  2. 2008, Busy Highway (fiction film)
  3. 2009, Disabled City (fiction film)
  4. 2010, The First Step (fiction film), winner of the Special Prize of the Secretary of One-Minute Film Festival
  5. 2011, My Old Page of my Note, the winner of Special Award in Kish Festival, and admission to INSIGHT HALF Festival in India in 2017
  6. 2012, War suffering and Nothing (documentary about anonymous martyrs), admission to competition section of Tehran Short Film Festival
  7. 2013, Absolute Past (fiction film)

We Care Film Fest 2017

  1. 2014, The Stiffness (fiction film)
  2. 2014, Yesterday Is Late (fiction film)
  3. 2014, From Dream to Dream (documentary), admission to the following festivals:

2nd Indie Wise FREE Virtual Festival, Miami, America

2nd Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film

7th Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards

We Care Film Fest 2017

  1. 2015, The Last Night (fiction film), admission to the following 2016 festivals:

2nd Jose Francisco Rosado

2nd BOOST Industry, final session

7th Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards

4th Horror Online Art Navarra


2nd Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film

2nd Indie Wise FREE Virtual Festival

  1. The Rendezvous