My Movies


The Rendezvous 2019

An old Lady is spending her birthday happily because she is going to meet her loved one.


Last Night 2015

The last night is the story about a woman who thinks her husband is dead but one night in nightmareShe sees her husband try to kill her. When she wakes up, faces to her corps and find out the nightmare was real


From Dream to dream 2014

Documentary film about the extraordinary and disabled painter.


Absolute past 2013

Saied is Young boy  who has recently been disabled, has been imprisoned in his room but his ex-student in the school, change his life


War suffering and nothing 2012

Documentary film about the people of my country who suffered from pain and suffering in the 8-year war to defend their country.


The old page of my Note 2011

My old notes of my notes are the story of three generations in the past, present and future, each of them celebrates the New Year in its own way.